Born in Santa Margherita Ligure in 1994, I have grown up in between USA, Spain and Italy before installing in Paris where I have achieved the photography diploma at L'ecole de l'image, Les Gobelins.

Adapting and evolving in culturally diverse places stimulated a deep and abiding interest in Identity, a person’s sense of self and local belonging. Values constantly reemerging along my artistic writing.

Since September 2017 I am actively implicated in the worldwide migration crisis, developing around the Italian territory, an alternative cultural integration system through an artistic itinerant platform of concrete exchange in between migrants and locals.


Untitled (The Asylum Seeker) - published on Soleil Rouge, Socially Engaged Art Magazine curated and founded by Jalis Vienne.

Interview held by Kenza Helai

Individual Exhibitions

Group Exhibitions

 From 4th to 24th Octobre 2018

“Primule”, collective visual exposition focused on the intimate identification of womanhood. Exposing to Sala Dogana, Palazzo Ducale Piazza Matteotti, Genova IT.


National Identity, Photocitizen, Projection Festival Boutographies, Montpellier FR


November-December 2016

Collective photography exposition, Paris. 
Exposing «Regards en contruction» project at «Fondation Seydoux-Pathé», for the new Parisian Palace of Justice. 
73, Av. des Gobelins 73013 Paris.


May 2016

Collective photography exposition, Dinard. 
Exposing «Regards sur le littoral» project to «Galerie Totem» and «Galerie Wallpepper».