Moving and growing-up in different cultural contexts since a child turned into a profound attraction towards a sense of belonging, self-awareness and in a broader sense, for identity.

Born in Santa Margherita Ligure, raised between USA and Spain, she moves to Paris and studies fashion photography in Les Gobelins. Five years later after meeting up with feminist activists supporting people on the border between Tijuana and San Diego, Caterina travels to Rome where she starts moving towards documentary photography.

In 2021 she wins a scholarship for the narration and research course held by Lina Pallotta at Officine Fotografiche. At the same time she takes part of the transfeminist political scenario and finds her way to use photography as a strong political instrument of resistance within her queer community.

Photography is the medium that brings her closer to what is out there as well as an instrument she uses to explore and understand her identity.


2023 / "con amore e rabbia" - Festival Some Prefer Cake - Bologna
2023 / a selection from "con amore e rabbia" - Safffo's Queer Fest, TAG - Rome
2023 / "con amore e rabbia" - Via Vai, Testaccio - Rome
2022 / "Prologue: Don't tell anyone" - Festival Fotoleggendo, Officine fotografiche - Rome
2019 / "capitolo primo (La Teoria della Famiglia Ecologica)" - Young&lovely contemporary art exhibition, ex manicomio - Genoa
2019 / Untitled (The Asulym Seeker) - Palazzo Ducale - Genoa
2019 / Untitled (The Asulym Seeker) - Festival Circulatio(s) - Paris

Art Education

2021 - 2022 / Master degree in documentary photography curated by Lina Pallotta, Officine fotografiche - Rome
2020 - 2021 / Master degree in photojournalism, ISFCI - Rome
2015 - 2018 / Degree in photography, L’école de l’image Les Gobelins - Paris


2017 / Taryn Simon Projects - New York (Intership)
2017 / Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin - Berlin (Intership)
2016 / Jean-Yves Lemoigne - New York (Intership)